For the Queen! (And Loot)

Space Knight 8

The strength of the Triumvirate is about to be tested to its greatest bounds, and it’s time for the soldiers of Caledonia, Rutheni, and Aquitaine to join together as one force at last.
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Dragon Slayer Book 6

Ethan DePaolo and his beautiful sorceresses have left the continent of Iriador behind and soared all the way to Nardane, where the Temple of Vostok promises the answers he’s been desperately seeking.
Monster Empire Book 5

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Ken’s got a lot of stuff to do to keep his pregnant monster wives happy!
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King of Dinosaurs
Book 9

Victor must choose between helping allies or advancing his tribe.
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Tamer Visual Audiobook, NSFW Character Artwork, and More


This book is a pleasant surprise. The story is about a young misfit who is abducted then dumped on a dinosaur filled planet. Saved by a beautiful alien women....who have to work together to survive. Title is Tamer, when he discovers what that means, it's a game changer.

Viviana Chavez on Tamer: King of Dinosaurs

This is just the right amount of everything! Badass hero with special powers, gorgeous badass woman with unique skills, space battles with vampires and scumbags, glorious carnage, and romance. It's a great read and a completely decadent indulgence! MSE writes some really fun, fast past books that I just can't put down! Galactic popcorn for the brain!

Chris Heiberger on Star Justice

This is a great cross-genre novel, with elements of a dynastic space opera as well as sword and sorcery. This imaginative universe supports both technology and magic, and they interact in surprising fashion.

Michael Wood on Space Knight

It's Happening baby!

Tamer: King of Dinosaurs the Visual Audiobook