Adventure Fiction Literature

Adventure Fiction Literature

Hey, Michael Scott, how would you classify adventure lit?

Hmm… let me think.

This sub-genre of fiction is centered around the protagonist being removed from their everyday lives and comfort zones and forced in some fashion to explore entirely new worlds and experiences. The stories allow us to watch MCs adjust to new surroundings and trials and push their intelligence and or physical ability to the limit to survive. These books often have a fast-paced, action-packed flow to them, and the reader can often find themselves at the end of a book far sooner than expected.

MSE Adventure Lit

  • Tamer: King of Dinosaurs - Tame dinos, tame women, and kick ass
  • Monster Empire - Explore a new world, build an empire with monster offspring
  • Deathship - Explore the galaxy alongside a soul-thirsty AI
  • Lion's Quest - Virtual Reality MMO Champion faces new VR World and IRL challenges
  • Destroyer - Savior or Destroyer? Explore the country of Nia through multiple timelines to unravel the truth

Theorycrafting Adventure Books

The Adventure sub-genre, along with the Harem sub-genre, is often at the core of the stories I write. I find that the combination of these two specific elements of storytelling styles lets me build worlds for you, the reader, that are suspenseful, action-packed, and rewarding in all the right ways.

My best-known work, Tamer: King of Dinosaurs, is an excellent representation of the Adventure genre. It puts Victor, our protagonist, into a world full of Earth’s extinct creatures, and he is forced into a situation and must find a way to survive immediately or face death.