Concrete Chaos


      A badass cyberpunk adventure from Michael-Scott Earle!

      World renowned motorcycle racing champion Sue Zay is no stranger to risk. Armed with a quick wit and a foul mouth, she's ridden her ancient superbike to the ends of the globe in an eternal quest for speed. But even after countless race victories and a flawless performance at her elite university, Sue Zay hasn't earned what she truly craves: the elusive praise of her tech magnate mother.

      A chance encounter with a gorgeous stranger turns into a blood bath, and a deadly terrorist group intends to kill millions of innocents. Now half of Silicon Valley wants to put a bullet in Sue Zay's pretty head, and the other half wants her to be in jail.

      Sue Zay, her trusty motorcycle, and her irritatingly responsible AI buddy will have to race faster than ever to uncover the truth about the deadly organization that threatens, not just Silicon Valley, but the entire world.

      Concrete Chaos is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat Sci-fi, action-adventure with a twist of Cyberpunk. 

      4 products

      4 products