Harem Genre - What is it?

Harem Lit Stories

What is a Harem Novel? Great question! I define harem lit as stories where the main character (MC) has two or more women as sexual love interests. Further, as the stories progress, and while the character becomes more powerful and confident, more women throw themselves at the MC, and the harem grows.

Harem Novel Examples

  • In Star Justice, which centers around warring space vikings, the protagonist defeats other clans. As part of spoils of war, the MC earns the affection of the wives or daughters of clan leaders, thus building upon his harem.
  • As the MC conquers and defeats the dragons of the lands in Dragon Slayer, he is rewarded with more women.
  • In my newest series Monster Empire, the protagonist builds an empire and supporting military force by siring offspring with different monster women.

Telling the Right Harem Story

In my mind, there are two different types of Harem readers. Fans who expect slow burn and gradual increases in the number of sexual partners a protagonist has, and readers who hope to come into a novel with a harem already in place or one that is in place by the end of the first book. Luckily for my readers, I’ve got you covered both ways.

For those of you out there looking for that gradual build-up and more relationship building, Star Justice is an excellent series that focuses effort on character development and storycraft.

Similarly, Death Ship and the fan-favorite Tamer also slowly lead to erotic or sexual encounters as stories develop and relationships solidify.

For all you readers out there wanting to get to the "good stuff," may I suggest Monster Empire. You will be exceptionally well satisfied very quickly.