Fantasy Novels

Fantasy Novels

How do I define Fantasy Literature?

In the universes I create, fantasy leans toward sword & sorcery with DnD-like questing and character interaction. The worlds themselves do not limit themselves to the physics that we live by but encompass concepts and altered realities that would not be possible in our own lives.

I think we all look for a little bit of escapism and sensationalism in our storytelling as it allows us to dream of or live in a world that is not our own, even if it's just for a fraction of time.

The fantasy genre itself has a lot of subgenres associated with it, and my stories cover many of these subgenres, such as dark fantasy, dark comedy/horror, and sword and sorcery.

Fantasy Book Examples

  • Destroyer - dark/grim fantasy - emotionally charged
  • Dragon Slayer - Firefighter who kicks serious ass
  • Lions Quest - fun and rich fantasy world with different cultures
  • Monster Empire - Dark comedy/horror

Crafting a Fantasy World

When developing fantasy novels, I put a tremendous effort into making my main characters relatable. Perhaps it's more accurate to say the MCs are idealized examples of manliness. The stories allow us to live vicariously through the MCs as they continue to develop confidence, power, and ultimate badassery.