Science Fiction Stories

Science Fiction Genre

The science fiction genre is kind of weird to try and Define. So I can't really give you a black and white answer. For me, the genre forms around concepts on advanced science and technology outside of our own time. This could include a life space exploration time travel parallel universes, and so on.

If you think about one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time Jules Verne, great science fiction tends to employ science fact and prophetic vision to amplify the world and universes created by authors in the genre. I strive to make my stories, maybe not plausible, but relatable and fantastic leveraging sci-fi Tech or future Tech.

MSE Science Fiction Books

  • Deathship
  • Star Justice - Space Opera
  • Space Knight
  • Concrete Chaos

How I write Science Fiction Novels

When I write science fiction, I tend to lean toward Space Opera or The Fantasy Adventure sub-genres. I find it amazingly fun to write and read stories that combine future Tech and magic or mystical elements to improve upon my worlds. This not only gives me more opportunity to be creative but allows my characters to live in more fanciful worlds. Specifically, it will enable the, more often than not, overpowered main character to push boundaries in what I consider tremendously exciting ways.

My book series that bests fit the genre is likely Star Justice. The world is built around Adam, a badass space marine were-tiger who escapes military control and finds himself hunted by a powerful mega-corporation. Operating an experimental spaceship with beautiful women all vying for his personal attention, Adam must find a way to keep himself and his lovers safe in an unlawful universe that has put a price on his head.