Overpowered Main Characters

OPMC Book Genre

Yo! What is the Overpowered main character thing I keep hearing about?

Well, good reader, I am so glad you asked.

The OPMC genre centers around protagonists who never lose. You may ask yourself, how is that any fun? But think about it. You go into movies knowing that the main character is going to come out on top, right? You don't ever go to movies to see the main protagonist fail. The overpowered main character genre takes that to the next level.

Knowing that the main protagonist is going to come out on top at all times, it becomes the author's job (aka my job) to focus on creating challenges that require skills and wit to enhance storytelling that inevitably leads our protagonist to victory in engaging ways.

My Overpowered MC Novels

  • Destroyer - Basically immortal protagonist who doesn’t give a damn
  • Space Knight - Subtly becomes OP as the story progresses and ability and gear upgrades
  • Star Justice - Were-tiger who can heal from almost any injury, super strong and quick as well
  • Death Ship - OP Armor that upgrades in a unique fashion
  • Tamer - Overpowered by harem synergy

How I Approach Overpowered Main Characters

As I do with all of my novels, I take into account you as the reader. I want to ensure every chapter has a balance of dialogue and action without being cumbersome and isn't overly extravagant.

If you think about it, every good action movie that you find yourself re-watching over and over again every time you're by yourself cruising through Netflix are stories that are about OMPCs going through conflict after conflict with increasing levels of difficulty and ultimately leading to some sort of climax. The trick with my novels is I think through these stories in a more episodic fashion that gets you to fall in love with the characters.