Tamer 9 Kickstarter is LIVE!

Tamer 9 Kickstarter is LIVE!

It's time for a new Tamer Kickstarter!

That's right! Read on for more info - or, hear me out - rabidly slam the button below to support today...Go ahead, I'll wait. I completely understand 😉
I'm Rabid! Tamer 9 Kickstarter
For those of you who need just a little more info - I respect your contemplative nature - HERE YOU GO!

Reasons to support Tamer 9 on Kickstarter (instead of waiting):
  • NEW - Arrival Story Novella Add-On | This add-on is for the fan that's always looking for the "MOOORE STORY!" button on the Kickstarter pledge list. 

    The Arrival Story add-on is a novella in ebook or audiobook format that details the trials characters experienced immediately after arriving on Dinosaurland (before meeting Victor). It starts with Sheela, but the number of character stories in the collection will grow as we hit the various stretch goals.

    Check out the Kickstarter Campaign page for more info!
  • 30-Day Early Access | Early access to the ebook and/or audiobook.
  • NEW - Your name in the "Thank You" section | All backers will get their names listed in the back of the ebook and paperback versions
  • NSFW Erotic & SFW Paintings | Emta, Kacerie, Sheela, and Trel. They are truly incredible pieces of art...and the paintings are pretty amazing too 😉
  • Signed Paperbacks | This is the only way to get signed books from me, since I almost never go outside anymore. 
  • NEW - Morale Patch Pack Add-On | A pack of 5 patches available as a pledge add-on. I love these morale patch designs! We're offering them as add-ons this time to avoid the shipping complications we experienced on the previous Kickstarter. 
You can see preview designs of the patches and the erotic digital art on the Kickstarter page.
Okay, I'm Informed! Tamer 9 Kickstarter
Need to catch up on Tamer?

Let's celebrate the Tamer 9 Kickstarter launch with a sale!
All formats of Tamer 1-7 are 25% off now - it's the absolute best time to pick up what you're missing!
Tamer 9 Kickstarter Launch Merch

We put together a really cool shirt to mark the date and celebrate the launch of the Tamer 9 Kickstarter. It will only be available on my website while the Kickstarter is going, so get 'em while you can!
Take me to the Shirt!
Facebook Live Event - 6/26 @6pm PST

I’m going to be doing a Facebook Live event on my Facebook page to celebrate the Kickstarter launch. Jump on and hang out! I’ll be drinking whiskey, answering questions, and probably talking about dinosaurs. It should be fun.

Tamer 9 Kickstarter Launch Celebration
As always...

Thanks for reading and all your continued support!


  • Rhyno

    Really need Tamer 9 on audiobook. Do you have a release date for that?

  • Jeromy

    I’m looking for tamer, nine on audio what is the release date thank you and have a great day

  • Linus Medley

    How do I get the book Tamer 9

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