Tamer 8 Wrapped - Tamer 9 on the Horizon

Tamer 8 Wrapped - Tamer 9 on the Horizon

The Tamer 8 Kickstarter campaign will be coming to a close, and we are overwhelmed by its success. I'd like to thank everyone who backed the campaign and helped us surpass our funding goal. We could not have done it without your support.

Reflecting on the Tamer 8 campaign, I’m grateful to my fans and backers. The response received was incredible, and I am thrilled that so many people are excited about the Tamer series.

I am excited to announce that the Tamer 9 Kickstarter campaign will launch in the next few weeks. My team has some exciting stretch goals planned, including more NSFW art.

In addition to the NSFW art stretch goals, we have several other options on the table:

  • "Landing Stories" for Trel, Galmine, and Sheela (with the possibility of more)
  • Group photo artwork of the girls and/or the dinos
  • Movie-style poster artwork
  • Schematic-style drawings of Trel's construction concepts
  • Additional NSFW art of another character
  • Wallpaper Art

The team is also looking into Add-On options for this Kickstarter campaign, which is a new service offered by Kickstarter. This will allow us to do some cool things with future Kickstarters if it works out. We will likely offer a Patch Pack as an Add-On for this campaign. The Jinx patch that was part of the Tamer 8 campaign will remain exclusive to that campaign, but we want to get the rest of the patch designs, and maybe a new one out there as I think they are awesome.

Overall, the team and I are incredibly excited about the upcoming Tamer 9 Kickstarter campaign. We want to build on the success of the Tamer 8 campaign and continue to offer fans of the series the content they love.

What we need from you now is some feedback. Of the additional stretch goal options, what excites you the most? What other options do you think we should consider?


  • Merlos

    Stretch goal rewards? I think some short comics or even just pictures of some of the big fight scenes with the other abductees from earlier in the books would be fantastic. An omnibus of previously released art would be nice for some of us that are late to the Tamer party, too. By art I obviously don’t mean nsfw, I’m referring more to the Dinos, the landscapes, and the side characters. Trying to picture Ohkall is difficult to say the least.

  • Rory McGraw

    Everything looks good for this kickstarter. I’m excited for the “Landing stories” so I hope that goal is reachable, I think it would bring more depth and enhance the story even more in my opinion. Even if they are just short stories that could be eventually made into a one or two book volume.

  • Rene

    Wish there were options to purchase non-signed physical copies of the book and potentially back catalog books through the Kickstarter. Would love to have the physical copies without breaking the bank. Signed copies don’t add value for me personally so having the option to choose a budget physical pledge would be appreciated.

  • Dave Archer

    Truthfully, I have zero interest in artwork or NSFWs or any of that trivial nonsense. I’m only interested in the book itself. The Landing stories for Galmine, Sheela, and Trel sound intriguing, possibly like to see ones on Quwaru and Emta. But seriously, I know I’m outnumbered, but I’m have zero interest in any artwork of any kind. It’s not an incentive for me, and it’s for that reason that I don’t support the Kickstart.

  • gabriel puebla

    Love the idea of the Landing Stories. I am always a sucker for short backstories.
    Really looking forward to the new book and the art, maps and other stuff, The group art is particular interesting.
    Sadly living out of the USA means I miss out on the physical stuff

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