Dragon Slayer - book.6

Dragon Slayer - book.6

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SERIES: Dragon Slayer


Ethan DePaolo and his beautiful sorceresses have left the continent of Iriador behind and soared all the way to Nardane, where the Temple of Vostok promises the answers he’s been desperately seeking.

But what the priestesses have in store for him will propel him into his most dangerous quest yet.

Ethan will have to face demons and dragons he never could have imagined, armed only with his hard-earned magical powers, his beautiful dragon companions, and a new rough-and-tumble crew of fighters.

Disclaimer: Dragon Slayer is a pulp sword and sorcery novel written in the spirit of Robert E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, and Fritz Leiber. The novel contains extreme violence and a harem of beautiful sorceresses that the hero sleeps with, so it is not meant for readers under the age of 18.

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