Viking Rune Smith 4
Viking Rune Smith 4

Viking Rune Smith 4

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Series: Viking Rune Smith


Enslave the World

Only three Farthegn clans remain unconquered, and then the entire Red Forest will fall to Clan Briggs.

Tracking down the strongholds of the two most elusive clans is proving to be a difficult task, though. The furthest reaches of the forest harbor strange dark magics, ungodly predators, and more advanced weapons than I’ve come across yet.

So it sure as hell would be nice if there wasn’t also a flock of wayward reapers on our trail.

But nothing will stop me from unleashing the full might of my massive army on my enemies.

And sending my gorgeous Valkyrie wives to lead my legion of fallen warriors to Valhalla.

Paperback Page count: 511

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