Viking Rune Smith 3
Viking Rune Smith 3
Viking Rune Smith 3

Viking Rune Smith 3

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Series: Viking Rune Smith


Enslave the World

It’s time to bring Hylmrek to their knees.

These ruthless Farthegns have been breathing down my neck for too long, but the might of their legendary army isn’t something to take lightly. I’ll need all the warriors I can get on my side to finally put Hylmrek under my boot.

So it looks to me like there’s only one option: bringing the combined strength of Illska and Dalir down on some Farthegn sea dogs.

Then unleashing the wrath of Clan Briggs on our most dangerous enemies.

With a hell of a lot of runed weapons.

And a few of my Valkyrie wives.

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