Monster Empire - book.2
Monster Empire - book.2
Monster Empire - book.2

Monster Empire - book.2

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Monster Empire - Book 2 | by Michael-Scott Earle.


Being the head of a monster-girl homestead isn’t easy. Yeah, there is plenty of awesome sex and cute/horrific monster babies, but Ken Jewell soon has his hands full when a big band of bounty hunters start looking for “Crazy Ken” in the surrounding wilderness.

To grow his small empire, Ken’s going to have to find some new monster women to make clever and strong babies with. And where does a human soldier from Earth find monster girls to make babies with?

The Underdark!

  • Step 1 - Find beautiful monster girl
  • Step 2 - Bed beautiful monster girl
  • Step 3 - Make half-monster-half-human child that has magical abilities with beautiful monster girl
  • Step 4 - Go to Step 1 with different monster girl until an unstoppable horde is made
  • Step 5 - Conquer the world

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audiobook Narration by Christopher Boucher and Jessica Threet

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