Rock God
Rock God
Rock God

Rock God

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 Series: Rock God

Shattered by the death of his parents, Eric Weiss has brushed aside everything that was important to him. His life is over, and his music lost.

But when his best friend Jack pulls him from the spiraling depression and into a circle of wealthy Los Angeles socialites, things start looking up. Suddenly Eric has a new life, new hope, and a crap load of new challenges. And when Eric is forced between the warring affections of two beautiful sisters and their competitive friends, he realizes just how hard being a sexy guitar player really is.

Can Eric resist temptation and pull himself back out of this dangerous game? Or will his forbidden relationships end his friendship with Jack?

Rock God is a steamy romance novel of a hot new tempo. Written by a man, for other men (or women who want to read romance from a male point of view), you'll be blown away by the first installment of this latest series by Michael-Scott Earle. If you like your music hot, and your romance hotter, get it now!

Audiobook Narration by: Joshua Story, Alexia Renaldis
Length: 7 Hours, 37 Minutes

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