Dragon Slayer - book.2
Dragon Slayer - book.2
Dragon Slayer - book.2
Dragon Slayer - book.2

Dragon Slayer - book.2

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SERIES: Dragon Slayer

Chicago firefighter Ethan DePaolo saved the kingdom of Whitespire from the dragons of fire and frost, but when word of an approaching horde controlled by both a blue and green dragon reaches them, the dragon slayer knows that Whitespire will need more help.

Their only chance is the distant city of Windwall, but they have problems of their own, since the devious black dragon Emroth has laid siege to the city for generations, and the citizens have given up all hope of ever defeating their enemy.

Fortunately for them, Ethan knows a thing or two about defeating dragons.

Disclaimer: Dragon Slayer is a pulp sword and sorcery novel written in the spirit of Robert E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, and Fritz Leiber. The novel contains extreme violence and a harem of beautiful sorceresses that the hero sleeps with, so it is not meant for readers under the age of 18.

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Narration By: Alex Perone and Marissa Parness
Duration: 9 Hours, 06 Mintues

Paperback Page count: 279