Death Ship: Kill Count - book 1
Death Ship: Kill Count - book 1

Death Ship: Kill Count - book 1

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Official eBook version of Death Ship: Kill Count - book.1 | by Michael-Scott Earle.


When Sergeant Jay Lucas is snatched away from his family farm by a diabolical sentient spaceship, he thought his life was over. But when his AI captor pumps Jay full of an insanely powerful liquid metal armor, he soon discovers the kidnapping was only the beginning of his trials.

As the bloodthirsty AI trains Jay to harvest souls and increase the duo’s power, Jay learns there is a whole universe of bad guys who need killing. And when Jay’s unwavering moral compass puts him at odds with the plans of an alien mercenary company, he’s soon on the run with a gorgeous space princess.

Urged to harvest souls by his AI partner, Jay must learn to put his awesome powers to work for the good guys. The universe just got a whole lot more dangerous, and a hell of a lot more fun.

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