Tamer: King of Dinosaurs


Control dinosaurs. Tame women. Rule the world.

Sheela stabs crocodile in the eye

Ever wonder what would happen if you were abducted by aliens and forced to survive in a world filled with dinosaurs and hot alien babes?  

Wonder no more.  Follow Victor Shelby on his epic journey to control dinosaurs, tame women, and rule the world.

Raptor Close Up

Victor doesn’t know why he is here or what his purpose is, but he finds himself fighting for survival. Most men would have been lizard kibble in a few moments, but Victor’s natural ability to empathize with animals has grown stronger, and he finds himself able to control the most docile of the terrible lizards.

Victor will have to use his taming powers to provide food, water, and shelter for the women that he has sworn to protect. Success means they get to live another day, failure means a horrible death in the jaws of Earth’s most deadly predators.

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7 products