Star Justice


A Paranormal Space Opera Adventure

Imprisoned and subjected to brutal genetic experiments, space marine Adam has been changed into a perfect predator. A super-soldier that is part man, part tiger, and all killing machine.

Adam escapes military control and finds himself hunted by a powerful mega-corporation. Operating an experimental spaceship with beautiful women all vying for his personal attention. He must find a way to keep himself and his lovers safe in an unlawful universe that has put a price on his head.


  • Adam: Former marine and yakuza member, and were-tiger
  • Eve: Space Witch, Vampire, and Telepath
  • Zea: Hacker and Copilot
  • Paula: Engineer, Genius
  • Kasta: Engineer, Programmer Savant, Drone Techomancer
  • Asane: Idonan Queen, Young Warrior
  • Elana: Waymund Queen, Sniper
  • Riecka Feea Jotnar: Jontar Queen, Cyborg
  • and many more!

It is time to let the tiger out

14 products

14 products