Tamer: King of Dinosaurs - Kickstater is LIVE

Tamer: King of Dinosaurs - Kickstater is LIVE

Hello friends,

You read that right! It’s finally time for the next Tamer Kickstarter. 

The Tamer 7 Kickstarter

  1. I’m still doing the erotic paintings: Trel, Sheela, Kacerie, and Quwaru. I’ve posted some teaser images at the bottom of the email 
  2. This Kickstarter is a bit longer than normal (I normally do 30 days) because it’s the holidays, and the narrators and I had trouble scheduling the audiobook recording until February. Anyway, I wanted everyone to be able to pledge, and I wanted the audiobook to come out in a reasonable amount of time after the Kickstarter ends. I’ve got “End of March” as the deliverable date for the audiobook, but it will probably be the end of February.
  3. As usual, everyone who supports the Kickstarter campaign will get access to the book 30 days before general release on my website. It's also currently the only way to get your hands on the erotic digital art, or a signed copy of my books!

Stay tuned for more updates on the Kickstarter and don't forget to check out the erotic digital painting previews at the bottom of the email. Happy pledging!

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