Tamer: King of Dinosaurs 8 | Kickstarter Launch

Tamer: King of Dinosaurs 8 | Kickstarter Launch

It’s time for another Tamer Kickstarter. Wooohoooo!

Click right here to go pledge for the Tamer: King of Dinosaurs Book 8 Kickstarter!

My apologies about the length of time it took to get the last one completed. COVID really impacted the printing books business with various shortages of paper pulp, workers, and truckers at various stages of the process. As an apology for the long delay between Tamer books, I’m doing patches as an extra bonus this time around. You’ll get them for free (after you cover shipping) for supporting this Kickstarter. You’ll also get a map of the new base camp (as long as we hit the very easy to hit stretch goals). More details are on the Kickstarter page, so click here to go there and pledge.

Reasons to support the book on the Kickstarter:

  1. You’ll get the ebook and/or audiobook a month before it comes out for sale. That seems like reason enough, BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE!
  2. You’ll get the map of the new camp (this is a Kickstarter exclusive). Y’all have asked for a map made by a real artist (instead of the terrible ones I sketch out on notebook paper) for a while now. IT IS TIME.
  3. You’ll get the patches when we reach those stretch goals. These things are super cool.

  4. You’ll be able to pledge for the erotic paintings of Keefaye, Galmine, Emerald, and Liahpa. Woah. They are incredible pieces of art, and the paintings are pretty amazing, too.
  5. You’ll be able to pledge for signed copies of my paperback novels. This is the only way to get signed books from me, since I almost never go outside anymore. (Have you seen outside lately? Best to stay inside and read books. That’s my opinion.)

To fix the whole “Tamer 7 took forever to print” problem, I’m using another printer that has promised quicker delivery, and I’m going to be signing the books in Orlando at Quartermaster’s headquarters instead of having the books shipped from the printers to me, and then me shipping them to Quartermaster to ship to you. Last time we lost a bunch of books and I had to resign them all. Uuuuggghhhhh…

I’m going to be doing a Facebook Live event on my Facebook Page Wednesday (3/16) night at 8pm CT (Texas time) to celebrate the Kickstarter launch. Here is the link to my page if you want to watch. I’ll be drinking whiskey, answering questions, and probably talking about dinosaurs. It should be fun.

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