Tamer 8 Preview: Chapter 1

Tamer 8 Preview: Chapter 1

Hey all! I know you are as excited as I am for a new Tamer: King of Dinosaurs book. To fuel the hype train, I give you the first chapter of Tamer 8: King of Dinosaurs for your enjoyment.

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Note: This still needs a few editor passes so be gentle :)

Chapter 1

I’d never ridden a motorcycle or a dirtbike before, but I imagined riding Dwayne was ten times more fun.

The horse-sized black Utahraptor wasn’t quite as fast as my pachys Bevis and Butt-head on the straightaways, but he accelerated just as fast and cornered way better. I wouldn’t have actually thought this would be the case, but as I raced Sheela and Liahpa through the jungles and across the pristine white beaches west of our new fort, the strengths of my new pal were quite obvious.

Maybe it was the connection I shared with Dwayne while I rode him that made his movements more accurate than Bevis and Butthead’s, but my two pachys were pretty hardcore racing dudes, and I could sense their frustrations as they tried to keep up with the Utahraptor as we tore across the land.

“Yeeehaawwww!” I couldn’t help but shout when Dwayne jumped ten feet high and bounced off the top crest of a fallen redwood, and then I felt my stomach drop as he held his wings out so that we softly hit the ground afterward.

I twisted my head around to see if Liahpa and Sheela would try to make the jump over the log, but they both decided to angle around the obstacle, and I gained even more ground on them as we Tron-ed through the jungle.

I popped out of the jungle line and banked hard to the right on the beach. A wave of white sand sprayed out to the left as Dwayne dug in to make a turning berm, and I felt my grin spread wider across my face as the midmorning sun heated my face.

Then it was back into the thick jungle, where my ride gracefully bounded over rocks, in between trees, and splashed through creeks without a care. 

And why would Dwayne worry?

Utahraptors weren’t as big as the other apex predators I’d come up against, but I knew the black-feathered dino could probably take out a carno in a slugfest, and anything meaner, like a T-Rex or allosaurus, he could probably run away from.

He was, pound for pound, the deadliest dinosaur on this world, and he was a member of my family now.

I slowed his gallop a bit so we didn’t lose Sheela and Liahpa in the jungle, and then the three of us rode in a “V” formation for the next ten minutes or so until we hit the first of the giant sequoias.

“Woooahhh,” I cowboyed as I slowed to a trot, and then I smiled at my two lovers as we all stopped in the shadow of the first redwood.

“He is fast!” Liahpa whooped, and then she leaned down to pat Bevis’ huffing flanks. “We tried our best to keep up.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I think his wings actually help.”

“He seemed to hold the outside one out when he turned,” Sheela said. “As a counterbalance?”

“I think so,” I said as I stroked the silky feathers on Dwayne’s neck. “It’s really incredible riding him that fast. I dunno… I feel really powerful.”

“You look powerful,” Liahpa said as her red eyes roamed down to my chest.

“Thanks,” I chuckled. “We need to get a few more Utahraptors to join our family. Then we’ll be unstoppable.”

“It would be nice to get more carnivorous dinosaurs,” Sheela agreed, “but feeding them might be an issue.”

“True,” I sighed, “It hasn’t been a big deal for the last few days, but the herbivores are easier. We can just let them graze. Dwayne eats ten big fish every day. It’s almost triple what our tribe actually eats, including the balaurs and troodons.”

“Bruce doesn’t seem to mind fishing for everyone.” Liahpa shrugged, and then all of us looked back up to the forest of giant redwoods for a few moments.

“They are all about the size of the large one we built our walls up to in the previous camp,” Sheela said.

The cheetah-woman huntress was correct. Our last camp was set in a clearing surrounded with large sequoias on our West, South, and East sides. The trees had been an assortment of sizes from easily manageable trunks that were half a foot in diameter to giant ones that were ten feet in diameter, but there was a massive thirty-ish foot diameter one right in the center of the clearing that we’d built our fort walls next to. It was truly a massive tree with top branches that kissed the clouds.

These guys to the northwest of our new camp were about equal in size.

“I don’t think they’ll work,” Liahpa said. “Or, I guess a better question is: ‘how are we going to cut one of these down and drag it all the way back to the camp so we can build with it?’”

“Keep looking up,” I said, and then both of the beautiful women tilted their heads back even more so that they were almost looking straight up.

“Ahhh,” Sheela said. “We cut the boughs. Yes. Most of those look workable.”

“Who is going to climb up there and cut them?” Liahpa asked as she ran her fingers through her long white hair. “I guess me? Trel?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I’ve seen you climb trees almost as well as Trel, and you can float to the ground, right?”

“The bark is thick enough for me to get handholds easily enough,” Liahpa said as she dismounted from the pachy and walked over. “I could probably make the branches weigh less so they won’t drop as hard to the ground. Then I can lighten them so that the trikes or stegos can drag them back.”

“It will be a lot of work.” Sheela frowned as she looked up again.

“My ears must have heard wrong,” I gasped dramatically as I put my hand to my bare chest. “Did Sheela just complain about working?”

“No.” Sheela looked back at me, and even though the stoic huntress didn’t smile, her beautiful golden eyes twinkled with a bit of mirth. “Just stating the facts. This will be harder than building our old fort since we will not be able to use your dinosaurs to fell the trees, and the logs will have to be dragged for three miles instead of a few hundred yards.”

 “Sounds like fun,” Liahpa snickered. “I need something to do. Youleena, Gee, and Emta are making bricks swiftly, and I feel kind of useless at the camp.”

“It’s been two days since we got here,” I chuckled. “You already feel useless?”

“I’d prefer a job that only I can do,” Liahpa admitted with a shrug of her muscular shoulders. “Makes me feel important.”

“Victor,” Sheela took a deep breath as she looked up at the massive trees. “Do we even need this timber? With Youleena’s ability to mold the stone as she wants, this does seem like extra work we don’t need to do.”

“And there Sheela goes, taking away all my fun,” Liahpa groaned.

“Not my intent.” Sheela smiled.

“I’ve thought about it a bunch the last few days,” I said. “It’s kind of why I wanted to check out this forest. There is a lot for Youleena, Trel, Kacerie, hell-- everyone to do. But Youleena seems like a bottleneck. She’s helping to build the walls for huts, Trel wants her to make pipes for plumbing, she needs to build hip-high walls around the cliff ledges so we have good vantage points, and we need to make the gates.”

“We need the timber for the gates.” Sheela nodded.

“We can probably make them out of stone or something,” I said, “but that’s a ‘probably,’ which might as well be an ‘eventually,’ and I’m worried about getting attacked every day. I want these trees to make the gates.”

“Part of the strategy for moving to this new place was so that it would be harder to find us,” Liahpa said as she gestured to the massive tree trunks. “This is going to make a lot of noise, and a huge mess as we drag them through the jungle and across the beach to our fort. It will be an advertisement for anyone traveling by.”

“Now it seems as if you are looking to ruin your own fun.” Sheela smirked.

“Just thinking out loud,” Liahpa snickered.

“It’s a valid concern,” I said as I felt my lips curl into a smirk. “If we bring the logs out to the shore of the beach and walk across the wet sand where the ocean waves are, it should wash away any of our footsteps that the dinos’ own prints don’t cover.”

“That is a good plan.” Sheela nodded. “We’d just have the bit of jungle we’d have to tear down before we can get to the sand.”

“So, when can I get started?” Liahpa asked as she clapped her silver hands together.

“Well…” I started as I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to arrange all the things I wanted to do into the days like falling Tetris pieces. “We’ll run it by Trel and Kacerie to see if they have any ideas to help move the logs easier. Then I’d like to start in a few days. I have something else for us to do tomorrow.”

“Oh?” Sheela raised her eyebrow.

“It’s a surprise,” I chuckled.

“I love surprises,” Liahpa laughed. “Especially when it’s a Victor surprise.”

“Victor surprise?” Sheela raised her other eyebrow at the red-eyed beauty.

“You’ll love them, too.” Liahpa winked at Sheela, and the cheetah-woman actually grinned wide.

“I suppose I will.”

Just then, the jungle thrashed behind us, and my packs of troodons and balaur bondocs bounded toward us with happy hoots and hisses. The tiger-striped troodons were sleeker than the muscular balaurs, but since they both arrived behind us at the same time, I reasoned that they had the same relative long-distance running speed.

“Hey guys!’ I said as I waved to the group of golden retriever-sized raptors. “Nice of you to join us.”

Chandler seemed to shrug as he hissed, but Scoob hooted an apology as he bowed his head a bit.

“Awww,” I cooed as I reached down to pet the orange feathers on top of his head. “I was just joking, buddy. It’s hard to keep up with Dwayne, Bevis, and Butt-head. You all run way faster than I can. I’m just happy we could all get some exercise. Especially Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe. You all have been on guard duty for so long.”

The cream and white-feathered raptors nodded slightly as they let out happy hisses.

“The connection you have with your dinosaurs still astounds me,” Liahpa said. “You talk to them as if they are just as smart as us.”

“I think they are.” I shrugged. “At least, I think they are important enough to talk to like they are one of us.”

“I agree,” Sheela said. “We would not have accomplished a fraction of what we have without their help.”

“Yep,” Liahpa said as she reached down to pet Phoebe on the head. “I love these muscular ones. Especially the ladies. They pull their weight. Don’t ya, girl?”

Phoebe let out a happy hiss as she leaned up into Liahpa’s hand, and the other female balaurs and troodons trotted over to the silver-skinned woman so she could give them all pets.

“Let’s head back,” I said a minute or so later as I turned Dwayne back south toward where I knew the ocean was. “We can race back if you--”

My words caught in my mouth as I heard the distant crash and thump in the jungle. It sounded like a falling tree cutting through a bunch of branches, and the thump sounded like something big taking a step.

A really aggressive step.

Liahpa and Sheela didn’t speak as I urged Dwayne southwest toward the noise. Instead, they guarded my flanks and pulled out their weapons. Sheela had her bow, and Liahpa hefted an extra-thick spear that she could toss with enough force to impale a few feet into a tree.

Once upon a time, we would have just run away from any strange noises, but not now. Now I was the king of this land, and my queens also had very little to fear.

The noise repeated a few moments later, and I could feel the rumble and shake of the jungle floor up through Dwayne’s legs. Whatever it was, it was big as fuck and moving in a hurry.

Birds flew up and out of the jungle canopy a moment after an angry roar echoed toward us, and then a few small dinos, lizards, and mole-looking mammals scurried past us as they evacuated what was now starting to sound like an epic battle happening a few hundred yards away.

Then there was a screech of pain that reminded me of a train slamming on its brakes, and I urged Dwayne forward a bit faster.

The jungle wasn’t particularly dense, but we still had to thread around some trees, duck under branches, jump over a little babbling brook, and push aside curtains of vines as we hurried toward our destination.

“It sounds like a group of three carnivores have caught a meal,” Sheela whisper-hissed as a few more roars and screeches cut through the air.

“And we are heading in that direction… because?” Liahpa smirked at me.

“‘Cause I dunno about you two, but I’m getting sick of fish,” I chuckled.

“I can agree with that,” my white-haired lover chuckled.

“Clearing up ahead,” Sheela announced, and then we slowed our pace a bit so that we could peek into the clearing without making our presences obvious. 

 The first dinosaur I spotted was a two-horned carnotaurus side-stepping about fifty yards ahead of us. Beyond him was another carno engaged in a duel with what looked like a smaller version of a brontosaurus. A quick blink of my Eye-Q told me it was a male Galeamopus Pabsti, and he was trying to defend himself from the carno while also protecting his female mate, who was battling with a third carno.

The galeamopuses were a bit bigger than the carnos at the shoulder, and probably twice the weight, but then another carno barreled out of the jungle and jumped onto the male galea’s back, and I guessed the outcome of this struggle.

Everyone had to eat.

The female sauropod flicked her tail around to hit her carno attacker, but she missed by a wide margin, and I saw that her face was covered in bloody scratches. Another carno circled around her, and the carno on top of the male was able to get his toe hooks deep into his prey a moment before his teeth clamped down on the meaty flesh at the base of the sauropod’s spine.

“What’s the plan?” Liahpa whispered.

“The two herbivores are going to die no matter what we do,” I said, “And I’m kind of interested in seeing what they taste like. I say we take the carnos out as soon as they finish hunting, and then we take the meat.”

“You are confident we can take four of them?” Sheela asked.

“The balaurs and troodons aren’t going to be much help against the carnos, but I’m confident you can take four of them by yourself, my beautiful huntress. Just leave three for Dwayne, Liahpa, and I to have some fun. Okay?”

“Yes, Victor.” Sheela’s cheeks actually blushed a bit from my praise, and she adjusted her bow so that her nocked arrow was aimed in the general direction of the carnos.

“Take out the one at the back who is pacing around,” I said. “With luck, his pals won’t know that he’s down until it’s too late.”

“Yes, Victor,” Sheela said as she pulled back the string of her bow to her cheek.

Then she held still like a bronze statue of a Greek goddess for a handful of seconds as the battle surged before us. There were several times where I thought that her target exposed a vital spot to us, but Sheela didn’t take the shot. I trusted her ability, but I realized I was holding my breath, so I carefully exhaled and then inhaled so that I wouldn’t interfere with her concentration.

The male sauropod rolled onto his side in an attempt to throw the carno off his back, but that just exposed his juicy belly, and the two carnos who weren’t engaging the female pounced forward like starving cats after an opened can of tuna. Just as I thought they were about to claw into the sauropod’s belly, the large herbivore kicked out at the last second and knocked the predator that Sheela had been targeting away.

The carno twisted his neck around as if he’d been clocked by a heavyweight boxer, and he lurched toward us to recover his footing.

Sheela let loose.

The arrow flew too fast for me to track, but the carno dropped instantly without even making a death screech, and I felt my jaw drop open as my cat-girl lover smoothly pulled another arrow back on the bow.

“Right through his fucking eyeball,” Liahpa gasped. “What a shot.”

“It was acceptable,” Sheela breathed as she tracked the next carno closest to us.

“I didn’t even see it hit,” I chuckled. “You’ve got the lift ball reflexes, Liahpa.”

“Which one next?” Sheela asked me.

“Ummmm…” I hesitated as the two attacking the male sauropod managed to finally get to his stomach and ripped it open like an overstuffed burrito. “Either of the two ripping up the stomach.”

“I’ll wait for a shot,” she said.

“We going to get in on this?” Liahpa asked me as she pulled her arm back to test her spear weight.

“I think Dwayne wants to get the one attacking the female sauropod at the back. Is that right, buddy?”

The big Utahraptor let out a growl that vibrated up through my hips and made my vision blur. He was hungry not just for meat, but for violence, and even though the carno was about two and a half times his size, I knew Dwayne would fuck the horned predator’s shit up.

“Go get ‘em, pal,” I said as I jumped off the saddle.

The Utahraptor took off like a bullet leaving a rifle and crossed the sixty or so yards before I could blink twice. Then he slammed into the side of the much larger carno like a pirate cannonball into the side of a cardboard castle. Scales and black feathers exploded half a moment before a fountain of blood gushed into the air and sprayed all over the dying female sauropod. The Carno didn’t even have a chance to scream before Dwayne got his jaws around the bigger dino’s throat. Then my new pal yanked his whole body back like he was snatching an olympic bar over his head, and the carno’s entire head ripped off.

“Holy shit,” I gasped as an impossible amount of blood filled the air.

The other two carnos finishing off the male flinched as their friend was fucking murdered, but as soon as they turned toward Dwayne, Sheela let go of her arrow, and the carno closest to us went rigid as the arrow hit him right in the temple.

That just left one carno left, and Liahpa stepped forward as she whipped her arm back and twisted her hips.

“My turn!” she grunted as she hurled her thick spear, and I held my breath as the weapon flew the forty yards and slammed right into the side of the last carno like a skewer into the side of a chicken.

The carno yelped like a kicked dog before it fell off the side of the dead sauropod, but it stumbled up to its feet a few moments later. The spear had hit it right under the left arm where its lungs were, so I figured it would die soon, but its red eyes fixed on us as it stepped forward.

“Uh oh,” I said as the carno took another hesitant step.

“Well, shit…” Liahpa sighed.

“I think it is dead, but doesn’t know it yet,” Sheela said as she calmly nocked another arrow.

“You can finish it off,” Liahpa said.

“It is your kill,” Sheela stated. “I think it is fine.”

Sure enough, the carno took three more steps toward us before it spit out five gallons of blood and then collapsed on the grass of the clearing.

Liahpa and I exhaled, and then I looked back to Dwayne to find him tearing out the throat of the female sauropod to give her a quick death. The entire clearing was half-covered in blood, and the six massive corpses stood like crimson hills against the violent landscape.

“Well…” I began as I stepped into the clearing. “Looks like we’ve got plenty of meat now.”

“The sauropods are more than we could ever eat,” Sheela said.

“Maybe,” I said with a shrug as I gave the mental signal for Dwayne, and the group of troodons and balaurs to begin their feast. “I’m just glad it isn’t fish. Also, the carnos don’t taste the best, so I don’t really want to bother eating them. I’m hoping the sauropods taste better.”

“Should we cut some off and take it back?” Liahpa asked as she pulled her golden ring blade off the vine strap tied around her waist.

“You know…” I paused as I looked up at the sun. “We told them we’d be gone for most of the day, and it’s not even lunchtime yet. What would you both say to having a little barbeque right here?”

“There is some salt and herbs in Bevis’ saddlepack,” Sheela said.

“It was meant to be, then,” Liahpa laughed. “I’ll cut off some meat while you get the seasoning and set up the fire?”

“Agreed.” Sheela nodded.

“What about me?” I chuckled.

“You can just sit there and look pretty.” Liahpa winked at me.

“How about I set up the roasting spit?” My chuckle turned into a full-on laugh.

“As long as you keep your shirt off,” Liahpa said as she glanced down at my bare chest again.

“I don’t even know where my shirt went.”

“Perfect,” she laughed, and Sheela actually joined her.

“I’m more than just a sexy body,” I gasped with fake outrage as I moved to the side of the jungle to grab some pieces of wood to make a spit.

“Oh, yes, you are,” Liahpa purred.

The three of us were laughing too much to continue talking, so we just focused on putting together the cooking fire and spit. Ten minutes later I’d staked the base legs of the spit into the ground over Sheela’s fire, and we had four generous cuts of salted sauropod meat roasting. The meat was a wonderful dark red color, and it smelled like a cross between bacon and beef as it cooked.

My raptor dinos were still gorging on the sauropod meat, so Liahpa, Sheela, and I laid on a patch of unbloodied grass while we waited for the meat to roast. The scene once again reminded me of how different my life was. Once upon a time I was just a nerdy dogcatcher from Los Angeles who got nervous talking to girls and had only ever won “battles” when I played video games. Even when I’d first been abducted to Dinosaurland, I would have been terrified of hanging out next to corpses this big in the middle of a jungle clearing. Now I wasn’t really worried about other dinosaurs coming to fuck with us. Well, some of the bigger predators could cause us some trouble, but we would hear them coming from a quarter-mile away.

I knew how to live on this planet now, and I wasn’t worried about the dinosaurs that much anymore. Especially now that I had guys like Grumpy and Dwayne on my team.

I kept telling myself that I was the king of this world, but times like this made me really think I wasn’t lying to myself.

“Huh?” I asked when Liahpa said something under her breath that I didn’t quite hear.

 “This is a good life,” Liahpa said again as she rotated the meat on the spit, and then she ran her fingers through her floating white hair before she smiled at me. “With you.”

“It is,” Sheela agreed.

“I was just thinking that,” I chuckled as I nodded to the corpses around us. “Weird to be used to this, but we are.”

“You were just thinking that?” Sheela asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah.” I nodded as we exchanged a deep look.

“What’s going on?” Liahpa asked as she moved her red eyes to each of us. “Did I say something wrong?”

“No,” I cleared my throat. “It’s just… well…”

“I was thinking the same,” Sheela muttered.

“That it was a good life?” I asked, and the beautiful cheetah-woman just nodded.

“Okay, what?” Liahpa snorted.

“Soooo…” I took a deep breath. “It seems like I’m… shit… I dunno how to say this. Bonded? I guess? To all of you.”

“Bonded?” Liahpa raised an eyebrow. “You mean the sex?”

“No,” I said. “Uhhh… deeper.”

“Yeah…” Liahpa looked down to the cooking meat, and her silver cheeks began to darken a bit. “You get really deep.”

“Not what I meant,” I chuckled. “I think our minds are connected at a deeper level. I can see through your eyes, and hear you from a distance, but you all can also kind of feel what I’m thinking. Sheela and I were experimenting with it a bit on the way to our new fort. When we asked you to pick a number.”


“So I was thinking about being king and how my life has improved since I lived in my old world-- even coming here. Life is just--”

“Better?” Liahpa finished for me.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Interesting,” Liahpa blushed a bit darker as she focused on the meat again.

“What?” I asked as a grin came to my face.

“Nothing,” Liahpa cleared her throat.

“Oh, come on,” I groaned.

“I’m… just…” Liahpa looked over at Sheela.

“I can give you two some time alone, if you’d prefer,” Sheela said as she stood with her usual catlike grace.

“No!” Liahpa groaned as she waved her hand at the other woman. “I can say this in front of you, Sheela. Everyone knows my feelings anyway. I’ve just never been in a relationship like this.”

“With a single man and multiple women?” Sheela asked.

“I was going to say ‘with a man,’” Liahpa laughed, “since there are no men on my world, but yeah, you make a good point. I know these relationships are common on your world.”

“They are.” Sheela nodded. “It does not mean that your concerns or fears are less valid because I am used to the situation.”

“There you go, being reasonable and nice,” Liahpa chuckled. “Anyways, what I was trying to say before my stomach got tied up into all these knots and heavy things, is that it still astounds me that I’m here with you, Victor. I was terrified of you at first, but that quickly turned to intrigue, then lust, then love, and now… It does feel like something deeper. Like I was meant to be here with you, and you as well, Sheela. Everyone in our tribe. It feels like home, and I love it.”

“Me too,” I said.

“Yes.” Sheela nodded.

“Meat looks done,” Liahpa said as she pulled the skewer off the fire. Then we used other sharp sticks to pull the meat off so we each had our own serving.

I knew the sauropods weren’t brontosauruses, but I still thought of the hunk of meat as “bronto beef,” and I imagined Fred Flintstone as I chomped into the juicy chunk.

Then the world started to spin as my taste buds alerted my brain to the taste.

“Wooooaahhh,” I moaned as I took another bite. It was unbelievably juicy, and it tasted like the perfect blend of filet mignon and pork belly. It was sweet and salty with the perfect amount of umami, and I had to wipe my chin after my second bite to keep the drool from coming out of my mouth.

“It’s… soooo… good.” Liahpa’s eyes were closed as she took another bite, and she didn’t bother to wipe the dark juices off her chin before it dribbled down between the valley of her perfect breasts.

“Hmmmm…” Sheela moaned, and I looked over to see that the huntress’ eyes were also closed as she enjoyed the hunk of dark red and brown bronto beef.

“We are bringing back as much of this as we can,” I chuckled before I took another bite. “Waaaaaaay better than the fish.”

“I can’t believe it,” Liahpa sighed around a mouthful of meat. “I’ve had some expensive meals on my world, but this simple hunk of meat cooked over a fire with just a bit of salt and chive herbs is better than anything I’ve ever tasted.”

“My dinos loved it,” I laughed as I nodded toward my raptors, and the women turned to see Dwayne, the troodons, and the balaurs all laying on their backs like dogs with their eyes closed. They were also covered with blood from where they had ripped massive holes into the flesh of the female sauropod, but it was obvious that they were beyond content.

Liahpa, Sheela, and I quickly ate the rest of our meat without speaking anymore, but then Liahpa gave us both a grin as she fingered her golden ring again.

“Want to cook some more?” she asked.

“My mouth says yeah,” I laughed, “but I know for sure I’d pass out if I ate any more. There was a stream of water back the way we came. I’m going to go relieve myself and then wash my hands and face off.”

“Probably the smart thing to do.” Liahpa smiled at me.

“Be back in a minute,” I said as I got up, and then I turned away from them and walked into the jungle toward the small stream we’d passed over on our way here.

It took me about half a minute to get through the jungle to the stream, and I jumped over it and went another twenty feet so I could piss. Once I was done, I went back to the running water to wash my hands and the juices from the bronto beef off my face. The water was much cooler than I’d expected, and it reminded me that the weather was probably going to start getting cold any week now.

It still felt refreshing, and I probably spent more time than I should have rinsing off my hands, face, and chest in the cool stream.

“Victor,” I heard Sheela call out to me.

“Here,” I called back, even though I knew that she could sense where I was and was already heading right toward me.

“Hello,” she said when she came around a tree.

“The water feels great,” I said as I wiped it out of my hair. “Give it a try.”

“I will.” She crouched down in a perfect squat opposite me, took two handfuls of water, and then splashed them up into her face.

My eyes drifted from her wet hair, down her sharp cheekbones, her chiseled arms, and to her round breasts. Then I noticed the water dripping down her washboard abs before it reached the crotch of her tattered bathing suit bottoms. The way she squatted meant her legs were spread open toward me, and I could see the tightness of the cloth against her pussy lips and the sleek shape of the corded muscles in her thighs.

Damn. She was beautiful.

Sheela noticed me looking at her, but she didn’t say anything. She just gave me her usual smile, but I noticed her golden cat eyes drift from my shoulders to my lips and then back down my chest.

Then our eyes met again, and there was no denying the heat between us.

I stood up and crossed the stream with one step. Sheela stood up by the time I made it to her, and I wrapped my right arm around her narrow waist as my left hand came up to grab onto her thick mane of blonde hair. Then I pulled her mouth to mine, and we both moaned as soon as our lips were connected.

Her taste was perfect. Salty and sweet all at the same time. Her tongue was shy against mine, but her moan was just as urgent when I deepened our kiss.

“Take my pants off,” I growled in her ear once our lips parted.

“Yes, Victor,” she whispered, and then she dropped back down to her knees and tugged at my belt buckle.

It took her half a dozen seconds to undo my belt, and while she was working on my pants, I reached down her back and untied the knot that held her bikini top in place. My pants came down the same time that her bra fell off, and I stepped out of my pants with my boots on while I used her shoulders to help steady myself.

I wasn’t even going to ask Sheela to take my cock in her mouth, but before I could say anything, she grabbed the base of my shaft and ran her tongue down the length like she was licking a lollipop. Then she looked up at me with a pleading look in her golden eyes and slowly ran her tongue from my base to my tip.

“Fuuuuuck,” I moaned, and then I bit into the meaty part of my hand when she slid her wet mouth over my tip and took in all of me.

“Hmmmm…” she purred as her tongue flicked across my shaft, and then she slowly moved her lips up so that she was sucking lightly on my tip. Her eyes stayed fixed on mine the whole time, and the hunger in her golden orbs made me harder than a steel pole.

I knitted my fingers in her long blonde mane as she moved her mouth back down my shaft, and then I hissed with sweet agony when the nails of her fingers lightly dug into my ass cheeks.

“Good girl,” I whispered as Sheela began to urgently lick and suck on me, and my legs began to tense as I gently pulled her face down my length.

I lost track of the time, but I suspected that a few minutes had passed since Sheela began to lick me. The feeling was absolutely divine, but her mouth and tongue just felt perfect on me, and I knew that she’d end up making me climax in a few more minutes. I didn’t want to take all the pleasure for myself, so I gently pulled her hair back so that her sweet mouth popped off my tip.

“What is wro--” she started to say.

“I want to fuck you,” I growled as I pulled her up to her feet, spun her around, grabbed her bikini bottoms’ ties, and pulled them loose.

Sheela gasped when the rest of her clothes came off, and then she whined when I brushed my fingers down her ass and hooked them across the lips of her pussy.

“You are soaking wet for me,” I purred in her ear as I hugged her back against me. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, Victor,” she panted. “Please.”

“Please what?” I whispered in her ear.

“Please… fuck me…” she whispered back as her athletic body began to tremble against mine. “Make me yours… again. Victor…”

“Gooood,” I growled in her ear, and then I bent her over a bit, grabbed the base of my shaft, and then bent my knees a bit so that I could slide my tip against her entrance.

Sheela whined as soon as she felt me press against her pussy, but then she gasped as soon as I began to spread her tunnel open, and she groaned when I made it a quarter of the way in and had to pull almost all the way out.

“You are so tight,” I hissed as I slowly thrust back into her again. “Going to take a few times to get all the way inside you.”

“Hmmmm,” she whined as she looked back over her shoulder at me, and then her mouth opened in a silent moan as I pushed back inside of her. I made it halfway in this time, and her golden eyes rolled back into her skull when I slowly pulled out again.

“You like it when I tease you, don’t you?” I purred.

“Yes… V-v-victor…” she stuttered, and then she gasped again when I pushed back into her.

Sheela’s tunnel might as well have been an oiled-up velvet glove she wore on her hand, for how tight she was around me, and I had to pause for a few seconds after I pulled out of her the third time before I thrust back in. This time I was completely lubricated with her wetness, and I slid all the way inside of her until I couldn’t go any further.

“Oooohhh,” she purred.

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked as I grabbed onto her hips and slowly began to fuck her.

“Yeeessss,” she moaned.

“Does it feel good?”

“Yeeessss,” she answered, and I could feel her tunnel beginning to spasm around me when I thrust all the way inside her.

“It feels like you’re about to cum for me,” I growled. 

“I… I…” she whined.

“Cum for me,” I growled. “Now. Sheela. Cum on my cock.”

“Yes, Vict--” she started to cry out, but I yanked her back up against my chest and wrapped my left hand around her mouth so that she couldn’t scream.

Sheela still gasped into my hand, and her entire body spasmed against me as her tunnel frantically squeezed my cock. The blonde woman was incredibly strong, but I was able to somehow hold her back against me as she climaxed, and neither of us fell over or stumbled, even though it seemed like she’d lost complete control of her body for a good twenty seconds.

Eventually she began to relax, and I moved my hand away from her mouth so that she could bend her ass back into me. This let me thrust deep into her once more, and I increased my tempo as the jungle filled with the wet sounds of my cock plunging into her drenched tunnel.

The position might have been a bit awkward with anyone else, since Sheela wasn’t braced against a tree as I took her from behind, but her legs were strong, and my grip on her perfect hips was solid, so we were able to brace against each other as we enjoyed the incredible sensations of our bodies trying to become one.

Then a twig snapped in the direction we were facing, and both of us froze mid-thrust.

“It’s Liahpa,” I whispered as I sensed my other lover just a dozen yards or so away hiding in the trees.

“Is… she watching us?” Sheela whined softly as I began to slide in and out of her velvety channel again.

“Yeah…” I muttered.

“Ohhh…” Sheela moaned louder, and then she suddenly became as hot and as wet as a steam bath, and her tunnel clenched around me like a vise.

“Shiiiit,” I gasped as Sheela bucked against me again, but her climax was so sudden that I didn’t have time to reach my hand around to clamp her mouth closed.

“Yeeessssssss!” Sheela didn’t quite scream, but it was the loudest she’d ever voiced one of her orgasms, and her body shook and pushed back against me like she was trying to hammer me deeper inside of her entire being.

All I could do was hold onto my blonde lover’s hips and space my legs out so that she couldn’t knock me over, and her incredible orgasm seemed to last twice as long as the first one as her pussy gushed a cupful of her lubrication out around my cock and down her muscular thighs.

For a few seconds, it felt like I was trying to hold onto a bucking horse, but then Sheela seemed to regain control of her body, and she came up and leaned back against me as she caught her breath.

“Damn,” I gasped in time with her breaths. “That was crazy.”

“I… don’t… know… what happened,” she panted, and then she ground her ass back into me so that my cock pushed deeper into her once more.

“I think I know,” I said as my heart began to thump in my head.

Sheela didn’t say anything. She just began to gyrate her hips back against me so that we were fucking again.

But my mind was wondering about the possibilities of what had just happened.

I knew Liahpa was watching us. I knew that the silver-skinned athlete was really turned on by what she saw. I knew that Sheela knew Liahpa was watching us, and the knowledge had caused the beautiful blonde woman to climax almost instantly.

Sheela had some interesting kinks with our lovemaking. Despite her stoic personality, she really loved to be dominated in the bedroom, and she enjoyed me telling her what to do. She even seemed to enjoy it when I was a bit rough with her, and it was something I would have never expected her to be into when I’d first met her.

Now it seemed like she might be interested in being watched, too.

I took a deep breath and slowed down the pace of my thrusts into Sheela’s soaking wet sheath. I loved all my women, but Sheela was the first to find me in this world, and I valued her love and affection more than my own life. I didn’t want to do anything to make our relationship weird, and I didn’t want Liahpa to feel like she wasn’t as important to me as any of my other lovers.

I had to play this right, or I might mess up everything.

“Do you trust me?” I whispered in Sheela’s ear as I made a slow thrust as deep as I could inside of her.

“Yes,” she purred. “I love you, Victor.”

“Then let’s try something new.”

“Yes, Victor,” she moaned.

“Liahpa,” I called out.

“Shit--” I heard her hiss from her peeping spot. “Uhhh, yeah? Sorry. I was wondering where you both--”

“Come here,” I ordered.


“Come here,” I repeated.

“Are… you… sure?” Liahpa poked her head out from inside a bush, and her hair floated up into the air like a nest of surprised cobras.

“Yes,” I said as I slowly began to thrust into Sheela again. “Come sit right here and watch us.”


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    Building this new cave is paramount to the story! The sex is just extra!

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