Power Level Over 100k!<br>New Stretch Goal: MAPS

Power Level Over 100k!
New Stretch Goal: MAPS

Okay, let me just start off with a quick, simple exclamation; an utterance whose profundity can only be fully realized by the greatest thespian of our generation, Keanu Reeves…Have you guessed it? Yep…


🎊 $100k - You guys did it! You hit the second stretch goal 🎊

I mean, I always believed in love… errrr us, but it’s quite an accomplishment 😉

“So MSE, what does this momentous achievement get us?”

That’s a great question you King among men, you Queen among women, you…uh…fine, young cannibal…you. Hitting the 100k goal lets me commission another 4 NSFW digital paintings for everyone in the Tribe Leader level and above. That right! Everyone who pledges for a tier above “The Basics” gets an additional 4 digital paintings included in their art pack (for a total of 16 paintings). Keep in mind I’m going to start the artist working on those now (and pause work the Star Justice ones he’s been painting), so they MIGHT not be ready by the time the rest of the Kickstarter rewards are ready to be sent to you. You’ll get those first, and then the extra 4 paintings when they are done in excellence.

“Wait, does that mean I can upgrade my pledge from a “The Basics” tier and get all 16 paintings too?”

Yep! For sure! Come on, you know you want to < extremely suggestive eyebrow raise >

“Okay, done. What else have you got for me?”

Hungry for more, eh? Well, I reached out to you guys on my Facebook fan group (www.facebook.com/groups/michaelscottearle) about a couple of options for a future stretch goal and you overwhelmingly preferred a high-quality digital map of the first and second home base/camp sites (that’s TWO maps, yo). Up until now you’ve had to use your imagination, and the following incredible artwork done by your truly:

While *I* think this is pretty cool, and my mom thinks I’m handsome, I can understand that you may want a bit more detail. So, if we can stretch to $125k, I will commission an artist to draw a nice, high-quality map of the first and second home base/campsites. This stretch goal will unlock the digital maps for everyone who has pledged for the Tribe Leader tier and higher!

My calculations (and the day tracker on Kickstarter) tell me that we have an entire 10 additional days to get this done. I’m betting we can get there!

I say it at the end of every update, but it bears repeating, I am consistently humbled by your support! You make these books, the art, and my livelihood writing possible. Thank you!

Now let’s get that map!

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