Here is some News (Yes with a Tamer 8 Update)

Here is some News (Yes with a Tamer 8 Update)

Here is some Tamer news 

1- Tamer 8 cover is below. Patreons voted on the font color.

2- Tamer Visual Audiobook Chapter 3 Episode 2 is up:
3- Discord is up here:
4- Discord is free to lurk, but for moderation purposes, you have to support me on Patreon to post and see the NSFW channels. You need to be in the "Man of Culture" Tier or higher to see the NSFW channels. Patreon is here:
5- We are a bit delayed on launching the Kickstarter. The artist isn't done with any of the erotic poses yet, and I'm still waiting on quotes for the patches. THE PATCHES WILL BE FREE TO PLEDGERS (You'll have to pay for shipping, unless you get the print books and then they will be in the box with the books), so I'm making sure I get a committed quote from the supplier so I don't have to end up spending $12,000+ when/if they change their terms.
6- Hopefully we'll have the Kickstarter up early next week. I'm going on vacation in the middle of next week, so if I don't have the quote or art ready by then, it has to move back two more weeks.
7- I'm sorry about the delay on all of this. All I can say is that we are working on shit as fast as we can, and this next book is going to be awesome. If you are gonna bitch, just don't. I don't want to read it and will just kick you out of the group. I wrote a bunch of books last year. I'm going to write a bunch more this year. The erotic paintings are glorious, and the patches are looking awesome. You guys are going to be happy, just let me put the good quality shit out when it's ready.


  • Dorothy Lucey

    After last year writings, you earned a vacation!!! Can Hardly Wait for the next Tamer!

  • Robert Curtis

    Can’t wait do what you think’s best f*** the haters opinions

  • Dakota Nikaido

    You do you MSE. I’ll just be patient till then. Hopefully you’ll see me lurking/chatting in the discord group.

  • James

    AWESOME AS ALWAYS, looking forward to the release. Thanks for all your hard work

  • Jim Mitchell

    Love Tamer series, excited for #8. Would also like more Monster Empire your Viking Rune series. I have all ebooks and audio books of Tamer, Space Knight, Monster Empire and Viking Rune so far plus some Lions Quest and a few others. I Enjoy your books

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