Hello 2023, Goodbye 2022

Hello 2023, Goodbye 2022

New Year, Big Plans

Last year was an interesting year for everyone; it is safe to say. Life is slowly returning to normal (the new normal, I guess), and we all get to hang out and go outside without giving everyone around us the side-eye except for Jerry. Never trust Jerry.

We were able to publish new books, kick off the Tamer Visual Audiobook, give some new life to old favorites, and whip up some cool new merch that fans got a kick out of. Some plans worked out, some didn't, but we had fun doing (most) of it!

But what comes next? What does 2023 have in store for MSE Publishing and the man himself? Great question! There is much I can tell you and some secrets that will be revealed later this year. Some secrets are poorly kept on Patreon, and others are locked away in a vault guarded by the hottest of Monster Girls.

So what can I tell you?

Let's start with Tamer. The Kickstarter was a great success but was again plagued by delays with the print books. However, the books are FINALLY PRINTED and will ship to our distribution and logistics partner mid-February. Michael-Scott will be headed to Florida to sign all those paperback books and get them ready for shipment to your doorsteps, mailboxes, etc., at the end of Feb.

In connection with the paperback books, we will soon collect information from everyone to get Jinx patches out. I want to see pictures of Jinx from every one of you!

As soon as we can wrap this Kickstarter, we will turn around another for Tamer 9 as quickly as we can. We will try (again) to get 2 Tamers out in 2023, but it's in the hands of the paper and printing gods to make that a reality.

Next up...

More Monster Empire, Space Knight, and maybe, just maybe, we can get Death Ship rerecorded and get that series back up and running.

MSE is also toying with the idea of three more Rock God and three more Hell High books to finish off those series. These will not be finished in 2023, but I am excited to see these series continue and get a proper send-off.

We are not committing to anything outside of Tamer and Monster Empire right now, but 2023 looks pretty good from our perspective.

Merch, Merch, Merch

Our team is committing to putting something new out for you all every month. It could be more canvas art, a fancy new mouse pad, or something completely new. If you have ideas shoot us an email, or better yet, join us on social media and start a conversation.

The Secret Stuff

Man! I want to tell you more about what is going on behind the scenes so badly. If you are part of the MSE Patreon, you are probably already in the know, but for everyone else, keep checking back here and on socials for updates. In the meantime, I leave you with this:


That wraps it up for now. Comment below on what you are most excited about and/or what you would like to see that wasn’t mentioned above.


  • Mo
    Rock God and Hell High will you do any more copy that of these books

  • Corey

    Space knight info please I must know

  • Scott

    Finally finishing Rock God! Super excited to hear this news.

  • TNDang

    Super! Marathoned books 4 thru 8 after a long break! Can’t wait for more Tamer!

  • Charlie

    I can’t believe that we were Rick rolled.

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