Kids of Monster Girls

A Guide to Raising Monster Children by Ken

Choose an appropriate habitat:
Select a location for your monster family that accommodates their unique needs, such as climate, terrain, and diet. Consider factors like temperature, humidity, and altitude, as well as proximity to food sources and other monsters or creatures.

Provide a balanced diet:
Learn the dietary requirements of your monster children, as they may vary significantly from human diets. Cater to their specific preferences, such as meat (especially sheep), plants, or magical substances, and ensure they receive the proper nutrients to promote healthy growth and development.

Establish a routine:
Develop a structured schedule for your monster children that includes regular feeding times (so they don’t eat all your sheep late at night), sleep schedules, and playtime or exploration. Consistency and predictability will help them feel secure and foster a sense of stability in their lives.

Encourage socialization:
Introduce your monster children to others of their kind or similar species, allowing them to build relationships and learn important social skills. This will also help them establish their place in the hierarchy of their respective communities.

Teach essential survival skills:
Educate your monster children on necessary survival skills such as hunting, foraging, and defensive techniques. This will enable them to fend for themselves and protect their family and territory from potential threats.

Develop their unique abilities:
Identify and nurture your monster children's individual talents, powers, or magical abilities. Provide opportunities for them to practice and refine these skills, as they may become critical tools for survival or social interaction within their species.

Emphasize the importance of camouflage:
Teach your monster children the art of blending in with their surroundings to avoid detection by potential enemies or prey. This may involve changing their appearance, remaining motionless, or altering their behavior.

Cultivate empathy and respect:
Encourage your monster children to understand and respect the feelings and boundaries of other creatures, even those different from themselves. This will help them coexist peacefully with other species and prevent unnecessary conflicts, or… you know…. They won’t because monster kids love murder.

Foster a sense of responsibility:
Assign age-appropriate tasks and chores to your monster children, such as maintaining their habitat or caring for younger siblings. This will help them develop a sense of responsibility and prepare them for their eventual leadership role in your clan’s quest to rule the world.

Share stories and folklore:
Educate your monster children about their heritage and the legends of their kind. Share stories of great monster heroes, notorious villains, and the origins of their species to instill pride and a sense of belonging.

By following these guidelines, you'll be well on your way to raising well-adjusted and capable monster children who will thrive, and maybe rule, their fantastical world.

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    hey I write stories

  • Sergio.Flores

    I would totally read or see this guide. I have and I recommend the next best thing to the guide. And it’s Monster Empire! The best guide in goblin-human tips in child rearing and a dose of nutritional value of creativity dietary needs for an Orc girl at birth and what kelp a growing Siren needs to develop her singing range.

  • gabriel puebla

    Has a father of two monsters I can whole heartily agree with this guide. I encourage everyone to follow this simple guide to raising their own little monsters, or humans if you are unlucky to have them. Human children s are not very bright and take a long time to learn these skills, unlike monster children qho learn quickly. Also humans have this phase called “puberty” it really sucks. but once its over they leave.

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