Tamer: King of Dinosaurs - Book 2 | Paperback

Tamer: King of Dinosaurs - Book 2 | Paperback

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Tamer: King of Dinosaurs - Book 2 | by Michael-Scott Earle.

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Control dinosaurs.
Tame women.
Rule the world.

A month has passed since Victor Shelby was abducted by aliens and put on a savage dinosaur world. In that time, he has learned how to survive, tamed dinosaurs, and won the love of three beautiful alien women.

But when another dinosaur attack leaves them defenseless, Victor realizes that he’ll need to push his Tame ability to the limit and build not just a camp, but a fortress.

Or they will all die.

Disclaimer: This book has ravaging dinosaurs, a lot of cursing, extreme violence, and a harem of exotic alien women. The novel is not meant for people under the age of 18.